Photo by Brandon Alms


Dangerously crushable Punch No. 4 at Best of Luck Beer Hall that might make you a bocce pro. Find out our thoughts.

Mark Zuckerberg and his gray T-shirt uniform got one thing right: decision fatigue is real. I think about this a lot when I’m at a bar staring down a dizzyingly long cocktail menu. That’s why I appreciate the super-simplified punch options at Best of Luck Beer Hall (313-B S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield; 417-522-9009).

You can pick one of four punches (hell, if you’re there all night you can try one of each, or order a Jonestown to get them all in one glass), but one stands out time and time again. Punch No. 4 is a delightfully crisp mixture of brandy, rum, lemon, black tea and peach with a shaving of nutmeg. It has the thirst-quenching quality of peach iced tea with enough booziness to slow you down—a necessary speed bump when facing down all the food, beer and bocce decisions you’re about to make.

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